“Harder” tricks are easier?

It’s amazing how often the answer to this question will actually be “yes, they are easier.” A person can skate for so long that the tricks that they once had when they initially began skating they can no longer do as time goes by, but the tricks that are thought to be “harder” ones are found to be much easier, because that is what they now do on a day-to-day basis. And those tricks thought to be “easier” begin to be much harder as you do them less and less. A good example of this is a recent video on The Berrics, called ‘Gram Yo Selfie With P-Rod and Dawson Renna’ , in these ‘Gram Yo Selfie’s’ whoever is the guest in the video takes trick requests via Instagram. Towards the end of this video P-Rod is asked to either hardflip down the five stair or switch tre’ flip down the 10; now to “normal” human beings, the hardflip seems like the much easier, no-brainer option. But P-Rod is no “normal” human being, as he chose to switch tre’ flip rather than hardflip, which sounds pretty crazy, but like I said, the answer to the question is much more often “yes” than a human being may think. As much as a person may want to keep every single trick, it just may not be all that easy.

You can view the video here if you would like:





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