Hello, my name is Malik Anderson. This is my very first post, and I guess this can be sort of an introduction to my SkateboardingBlog. I started this blog because I share the same passion that I assume you also have (since you are reading this), which is skateboarding. This passion has led me to places and introduced me to great people that I’m sure I would have never met otherwise. Now skateboarding has not taken me across the globe, or anything amazing like that, but the exploration of cities such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Orange County, and San Diego; although they are not very far, it would not at all be something that I would think to do had it not been for that plank of wood that sits on four wheels.

I also have taken a real liking to writing. I tend to write in my notebook pretty often; writing things such as what is on my mind, plans that I have, and dreams, -if I remember them – even if someone tells you otherwise, it is OK to keep a journal. So with these two passions in mind I figured why not take these two things and mesh them together? And that thought is what birthed this, The Skateboarding Blog. I plan on posting not just new skate videos, but also older ones as well, the ones that are timeless (e.g. Eric Koston in “yeah, right”, freakin’ classic). These two blazing passions have combined to create something great. I hope that you enjoy reading these blog posts and watching the skate videos just as much as I enjoy writing and watching them as well. Posting every day (or every other) is what I plan on doing, and I plan on sticking to the plan. Thanks a lot for reading this, you can look forward to more content in the future.

For more information about me, you can go to the About page.




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