Rainy days.

It’s scheduled to rain today here in San Jose, as well as the next two days after (Sunday, Monday); rain is not something that I am very fond of, for what I feel to be obvious reasons. Now I wouldn’t say that rain is the worst thing ever (apparently we’re in a drought), but it surely isn’t the best. I would say that it’s right above Iggy Azalea in my mental list of Worst Things Ever. Most humans who tend to ride a skateboard on a daily basis usually will just call it, and stay in the house to hopefully do something else productive, or if you’re lucky you may have an indoor park nearby you (I envy you if so), but there may be that hardcore one who says “Screw it” and still goes to skate anyway, putting their entire board at risk: trucks, board, bearings, the works. But I guess if you’re crazy enough to go skate in the rain, you most likely don’t at all care about the consequences of the action. Maybe for some, rain is a good thing, it may be the only thing to get you to stop for a day or two, and maybe taking a break is what you need so you don’t burn yourself out.

Who am I kidding, you’ll probably just be watching skate videos all day anyway.


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