AVE and Guy are “Maxed Out”

“Maxed Out” was a celebration in Hawaii of Anthony Van Engelen (AVE) becoming Skater of the Year for 2015; there were many heavy-hitters alongside with him: Rowan Zorilla, Kevin Terpening, Kevin Bradley, John Fitzgerald, Donovan Piscopo, and the one and only, Guy Mariano.

It’s safe to say that I was speechless throughout the entire video. The only words I could seem to muster up were “Wow!” and “Holy Shit!”. Both AVE and Guy Mariano are PRIME examples that much like fine wine, a person’s skating will get better as they age. It’s pretty amazing to think how much things have changed, from back in the ’90s when people would retire from skating in their early 20s, to now, where people are pushing it – both literally and figuratively – pass their mid-30s. And there seems to be no signs of neither AVE or Guy slowing down anytime soon – AVE is 37 and Guy is going on 40 this year. Not only did Guy kill it in this video with extremely difficult tricks – half-cab smith to back 180 nose grind (what?), I won’t spoil it too much for you – but he even continues to change the game with innumerable amounts to NBDs that you may have seen if you aren’t living under a rock. If that isn’t encouragement enough to keep skating and never let age be a factor then I don’t know what is, and I surely could not help you find it elsewhere.

Both AVE and Guy have been in and out of the skateboarding industry multiple times before I was even born, dealing with life and the problems that if finds so much amusement in throwing at us. But still they both come out on top as you can well see. Guy Mariano even made some moves -in regards to sponsors – recently, he went from Lakai to Nike, and quit Girl skateboards and may be starting his very own company with Eric Koston, which would be awesome to see happen.

It is indeed amazing to see what pure, genuine dedication can do, as we have living proof among us. Let’s not take it for granted and show some appreciation. Thanks guys.



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