SK8 OR DIE: The Spot and the Soul Skater

I would hate rolling by a group of people and having them yell “Sk8 or Die!” at me (yes, this would actually happen), I would never know how to respond, so I usually just wouldn’t. I still dislike the phrase to this day, and I’m well aware that it is in the title, but it is a bit of an attention grabber so I made an exception. And I will even admit it, it truly is Skate or Die.

You know how whenever you’re out with your girlfriend (or boyfriend), family, friends, et cetera you can’t help but look around for skate spots, looking around almost as if it is second nature, and indeed it would be safe to call it that. After time it becomes this thing that you just do subconsciously, and you can even picture yourself skating it. After skating for some time everything begins to look like a potential skate spot: every stairset, every ledge, every little protrusion in the ground, every rail, even a nice little slab of concrete will grab my attention; it actually begins to get pretty ridiculous, but I can’t deny that I do love it. I often wonder how other people look at things, it must be so boring.

Looking out of the window at that potential spot.

You may or may not have thought about it, but we (skateboarders) look at objects and life in general much different than the average person. We look at most things as something to put to use through skateboarding, rather than something to just look at and have it go to waste. It’s crazy to me that people get mad when things are skated – I mean, I understand it superficially, we may mess up the ledge or whatever, big woop – because at least we are actually doing something with it, rather than just letting it be what it was meant to be. We are seeing it as something else. We are seeing it as a Spot.

That is the Soul Skater in you; even if you haven’t ridden a board in years, I can almost guarantee that you still find yourself looking at spots from time to time and think to yourself “Ohhhhh, look at that spot!,” looking very much like the kid in the picture above. Finding a nice spot is comparable to getting that Christmas present that you’ve been wanting and have been bugging your Mom about since you saw it in January – you had to wait the entire year to get it – and when you finally got it, the level of satisfaction could not be matched. The Spot Searching just becomes something ingrained in you, the search for spots never ends, at least I hope that it doesn’t. I plan to keep searching for spots until The End.



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