“I Hate Mondays.”

The phrase “I hate Mondays” gets thrown around quite often, especially in the blue- and white-collar working world. I would make the assumption that it is because of various reasons: a two-hour drive on the freeway filled with belligerent people honking horns and cursing at each other on the way to a place that is actually only 45 minutes away, or maybe you’re going to a job that you dislike very much but haven’t built up the courage to just quit. It’s all very unfortunate situations, and are valid reasons for disliking Mondays, but realize that it isn’t the day itself that should be disliked, but rather the events that Monday brings.


For many others, Mondays are a day of peace and calm; in the middle of a Monday, not many people are out, being either at work or on their way to the 9-5. This also means that it will be a nice and calm day at the skatepark. Because so many people are either at school or at work, the skatepark becomes the ideal place to go on such a day. The park is empty, meaning that there are no distractions, no scooter kids getting in the way, no skate moms or skate dads walking around the park. Just you and a couple of friends having a good ‘ol sesh.

If you ever get the chance, skate a skatepark on a Monday. I can almost guarantee it’ll make you Love Mondays.


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