It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it is the worst. I went to the skatepark yesterday, and after about five minutes I said “Yeah, I can’t do this today.” It’s kind of hard to explain, as I love skateboarding so damn much, but sometimes I just can’t do it, neither physically or mentality, and it saddens me. These activities that have a burn-out-factor, which is like every physical activity; these activities that require a lot of time, patience, and persistence, can hit you hard one day where you just can’t seem to get up the energy to Just Do It. It can take a toll on you, and you may have those days – with no explanation – that you just simply can’t do it, and that is OK. You may even get a bit angry at yourself, as I did, that I have this opportunity to skate, so why am I not doing it? A question to which the only answer I could think of was “I’m just not feeling it.” I’ve had times where I felt this way and I would dismiss this feeling and still skate anyway and not have any fun, or worse, I would get hurt. So now, I trust this feeling and try not to push myself when I’m truly not feeling it in me to go skate. At times, it may just be that you need to warm-up those cold legs, but if time passes and it just isn’t feeling good, then just tell yourself that a break is needed, and maybe you should just take some time to chill out and maybe engage yourself in something else. And it may even be a little hard if all you do is skate, which is the case for the majority of us, but trust me, this “chill out” time is a good idea and may be more beneficial than you think.



3 thoughts on “BURNT

  1. It’s so fantastic that you shared this…the immediate parallel that occurred to me was the writing process…I can’t push it…well, I can but then it is an exercise in stress, strain, self-doubt…all of the suffering and none of the joy. You are right not to push yourself and risk injury (physical or psychic). It’s great when we can share our experiences, thereby being able to take comfort in the knowing that it’s not just us…we are not alone in our challenges. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Oh yes, writing is definitely something I would imagine can at some point reach a cognitive burn-out, although I must say I have yet to experience it, I haven’t been writing too long. I’m glad that we could relate to one another, even if on two totally different things, it definitely makes a person feel less alone in their sentiment, and there is comfort in that. Thanks a lot for commenting, it is ‘truly’ appreciated 😉


      1. I think it is absolutely wonderful that we share writing in common…it’s just that you bring out the bonus of introducing me (vicariously) to the world of skateboarding as well. One of the things I really enjoy about myself, is my vast appreciation for passion and excellence in its myriad forms…I’m so glad we’ve connected 🙂 Thank you! 🙂


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