SHORT RANT: Longboarding is Not Skateboarding

You read that right, “Longboarding is not Skateboarding.” For you longboarders, I am sorry to disappoint you, as it seems that people who don’t skate have been mistaken, and have grouped us in the same family. I just felt the need to clarify things up a bit, the two are not one in the same. Longboarding is on a totally different plane when it comes to ‘boarding,’ it’s like that little brother who wants to be as ‘cool’ as his older brother but just can’t seem to do it, and he tries and he tries, but he comes up short every. single. time.

I’ve had one too many conversations where I am talking to someone and somehow the “Oh, you skateboard?” manifests itself, as where I reply “Yes” and they say “Ohhh, I skate too, I ride a longboa..” and that is when the conversation comes to an abrupt end. And I feel sorry that the conversation had to end so quickly because of such a simple mistake, but, unfortunately, that is the way it must be.  Why? You guessed it, because longboarding is not skateboarding. And I’m done.tumblr_m7l78qw54H1qbojuzo1_1280



5 thoughts on “SHORT RANT: Longboarding is Not Skateboarding

  1. Anti:Rant
    From someone who does both, I would answer “yes, I skate.” Even if I didn’t skateboard, its still skating. The pioneers of skateboarding, their style was more similar back then to long boarding today than skateboarding is today, so I don’t understand what the fuss is about. Long boarding is really cool and can be really challenging and hard. So I wouldn’t say the lame younger brother, maybe just… the cousin? I enjoy them both. They each challenge me in different ways. And I hate that there’s this stingy hate between them, because I’ve always found the skateboarding community and culture super inclusive and quite welcoming (as long as you don’t get in the way and are not a poseur). Nonetheless, both are dope.

    Nicely written, enjoyed the rant!

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    1. Hey, thanks for commenting.
      Yeah, you’re correct about skateboarding being more a resemblance of longboarding than it is today. And it’s true that they aren’t that much different, besides one being for tricks and the other being for cruising. I met a guy not long ago who was into extreme downhilling, which requires a longboard and not a regular skateboard, and downhill skating is very dangerous, so I have a huge amount of respect for it.
      And as you may know, it’s all preference and perspective, this is just my point of view, it doesn’t really matter in the least haha.
      I appreciate you being respectful, and not getting angry and defensive like many people tend to do.
      And again, thanks for taking out the time to read and comment.


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