Skating and Writing

These two things, they seem to appeal to the same type of person; This person who seeks solitude and individuality, who wants freedom and doesn’t too much enjoy collaboration. There is this great feeling about being able to create something freely on your own terms, without any need to get an OK from anyone else, or without having to run anything by anyone. I guess that is how I came to do the things that I currently do, because it is solitary and virtually requires no one else in order for me to do it, I can be completely alone in my activities. When I say these things, it does not mean that I despise company, because the opposite is true. I love having company, but it can get a bit tiring after some time and I will seek out being alone somewhere as time passes.

With skating, although I love doing it with friends – it can definitely be a fun time – but getting to the core of it, it is a solo thing and that is why I love it so much. I don’t have to wait on anyone, and no one has to wait on me. I just grab my board and go, I can cruise the streets, go to a park, skate a parking lot, et cetera. The possibilities are quite endless, and I can do it whenever I want without question.

The same goes for writing, it is an activity that is done mostly in solitude. I can get inside my own brain without the being interrupted by the voices of others. It gets my mind jumbled when trying to write and have a conversation simultaneously. And maybe other people can do it, I wouldn’t know how, but for me, it must be done alone. I think I’m pretty good at hiding this part of me, because as solo as skating is, it usually involves groups of people. So I believe friends may get offended when telling them I want to be alone, as they may not understand that preferring solitude is just the nature of some people, including me.

Since starting this, I realized how much there actually is to write about in regards to skating. I literally find something to write about every single day, and I love it so much. The world is like constant inspiration to write something and it makes me happy. To be honest, I didn’t think I would literally be able to write something everyday, even though I promised it to myself. I guess this is proof of just what a person can do when they commit themselves to something.


2 thoughts on “Skating and Writing

  1. Just wonderful! I can relate to so much of what you’ve shared…in particular, the part about needing to be alone when you write….I can get really irritated if I get interrupted when I’m trying to write…the smallest sounds aggravate me because they are distracting…yet, when I’m engaged in some other kind of activity, I can block out sounds and I can multi-task. I also relate to needing time alone time…I’m a people person who loves solitude at the end of the day…and, I am a home-body (on weekends, I much prefer being at home with my husband and my dogs–free to talk or not). Lastly, I “felt” your enthusiasm when I read about your love of skating and writing, and it made me smile. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. The irritation gets pretty serious, so much so that I get irritated at how much I am getting irritated, if that makes sense. I also tend to get pretty irritated when people are talking when I read as well, I feel like maybe a little overly irritated. I like to think that I am a people-person, but I find that too much of it can be pretty exhausting. I am glad I was able to help you “feel” my enthusiasm through my writing, isn’t that the aim? Thank you as well for sharing 😉

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