What is it? Is it what clothes you decide to wear? How you wear them? What type of board you ride? How you lace your shoes? There are many different things that constitute to the concept of STYLE. Some just naturally have it, from the moment they stepped on a board, it was just there, without any effort. Some have to develop it over time. And some just don’t have it, or they don’t have a good one, which is a subjective viewpoint in and of itself. Because everyone has style, right? But not everyone has one that is agreed upon the majority to be a good one. Some say that style can be faked, and often you can tell when someone’s style is “faked,” which may be a lot worse than someone who has a bad one; I’ll take a bad style over a “fake” one any day. There’s just something about it that doesn’t look genuine. It’s almost as if the person is ‘trying’ to have style – which then goes against the whole concept of it;  when a person truly has style it is not something that they tried to achieve, it just sort of happens.

When I think of someone with a good style, one of the first people I think of is Brad Cromer. It’s just the pop, and pure gracefulness of the way he skates, almost as if he isn’t really trying, but of course he is, someone doesn’t get good at skating by not trying. The shit takes effort. It’s like from the very moment he was conceived, he was destined to ride a skateboard for the rest of his life. Watching Brad Cromer skate is a sight for sore eyes, a gift to the oculars.

Photo: Unknown

Al Davis as well, basically the epitome of STYLE. No faking it, there is no question that his style is 100% genuine.

Photo: Unknown

I’m not the one to say who has a bad style, as the whole idea of style and who has it is purely subjective and it would just be my opinion – much like my opinion of Brad Cromer and Al Davis, people may say I’m wrong about them and that is fine. Style can only be perceived by the eye of the beholder, and all sets of eyes perceive differently, so whatever STYLE means to people can be much different than how I see it. I tend to get meticulous when thinking about style; for me, it’s the way that the feet look on the board, the way the hands move when doing a trick, the way a person lands, et cetera – I think you get the point. For me, it goes much further than just the clothes and the board. The clothes, board, and shoes mean nothing if everything else I listed isn’t pleasing to the eye.

Or maybe I’m being too critical about the entire thing.


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