Music in Skating

Music is a unbelievably key element in a skate part. There are many good and bad examples of how music in a part can make or break it; make it a classic for the ages, or a part that you have to watch on mute. The music itself has to somehow fit the person who is skating (however you figure that out). For instance, it may be a bad idea to have Chico Brenes skating to Black Sabbath, it just doesn’t at all fit him, so it probably would not work very well. Although, it never hurts to try something.

Some parts can have such amazing music go along with the part that it almost makes you shed a tear or three. A very great example of how music and skating can make an immaculate skate part can be seen/heard in Andrew Reynolds’ part in ‘Stay Gold.’ This is seriously one of my favorite parts, I get unexplainably emotional watching this part – emotional about a skate part? Yes, that’s me. There is this sense of nostalgia; it feels like very few parts have been able to be as great as this one is. It’s just something about it that makes me feel good every time I watch, it is skating at its best matched with an amazing song. Nothing can beat that combination.

There are also some parts that I thought to have really bad songs, but at the same time it could only be because of my taste in music. Pat Pasqule’s part in “Theatrix” was one of those parts, it featured an EDM (electronic dance music) song, a genre of which I am not a fan. I guess you could say it fits him – that “party boy” style – but nonetheless, it still doesn’t go very well. The skating is amazing, and I love Pat’s style, but the music makes my ears bleed.

The music plays a crucial part like you would not believe.






2 thoughts on “Music in Skating

  1. Wow…so impressive…I found the first video mesmerizing…and, I agree with your assessment of the second video…I muted the sound because I was afraid it would hurt my dogs’ sensitive ears…but, the skill is undeniable…thank you for sharing…so cool! 🙂


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