Time Capsule: “Inhabitants” – Danny Garcia

With the vast amount of skate content coming out on a day to day basis, many great skate videos are sadly forgotten, but this does not mean that they are lost. This section is dedicated to showcasing those old gems that have been covered up in the rough.

This is the Time Capsule.

What a timeless part this is! Every clip was flawless, such smooth style with the gracefulness to match. Last I read (A Yaje Popson interview in the recent Thrasher, I believe) Danny Garcia quit being a professional skateboarder to become a musician, which is an awesome transition. Good stuff Danny!



2 thoughts on “Time Capsule: “Inhabitants” – Danny Garcia

  1. As well as enjoying the incredible skill of the various skateboarders, I really enjoy the glorious vision of warm summer days…such a sunny backdrop…what a great context for doing what one loves…thanks for sharing 🙂


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