The Art of Hillbombing

To be completely honest, bombing hills is probably one of the most dangerous things you can possibly do in life, there are so many things that could go wrong: speed wobbles, reckless drivers hitting you, rocks on the ground stopping you mid-bomb, extremely rough ground, or going so fast that you loose control. On a scale from 1 to you-could-probably-die, hillbombing is pretty up there. And you know, Murphy’s Law has not proven to be a falsehood. But even with all the things that could go wrong, oh, is it fun.


There’s nothing like bombing a hill, going at high speeds, feeling the wind blow in your face, having your adrenaline at maximum capacity, and completely ready for whatever happens next. People have been annihilated from the act of bombing a hill, but I guarantee that even after getting that road rash, they would tell you that it was well worth it. When you do find that you have fallen, there are one of two things you can do, just like most things in life: you can either get up and run the risk once again, or forget it and let it go. But no one likes the feeling of being defeated, so back up there you go, running the risk yet another time.

San Francisco is one place that is known for their especially steep hills. If you watch any video or see any picture of skateboarding in SF, you will most likely be seeing a hillbomb post-trick. People have even done such crazy things as bombing hills switch-stance, or doing a trick while hillbombing, very dangerous things, but well worth it if you don’t catch any speedwobbles. If you find yourself coming across a hill – no matter how steep or mellow – do the right thing, and bomb that bad boy.

Here is a compilation from Thrasher Magazine of some great hillbombs. (Disclaimer: There are some pretty bad falls.)


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