Baker “Promo”

Baker Baker Baker! This video was absolutely ridiculous, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Spanky, Baca, Lizard King, Theotis, Figgy and the whole crew did their thing. And in addition to all the madness, they introduced Rowan Zorilla as their newest “certi-fried” pro. Is it weird to feel genuine happiness for a complete stranger? Because I did. Like many others, I found out about Rowan via the ShepDawgs videos. I always thought the dude was bonkers and on a completely different astral plane. And when they turned him pro, there is no doubt that it was 100% deserved. Just look at the things he did in this video, I won’t spoil it for you.

I was going to talk about the whole “beagle not filming in VX” ordeal, but, really, who cares? The dudes are killing it, Rowan just went pro, he’s doing gnarly tricks, just see for yourself. Baker 4 is going to be crazy!



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