Don’t think about it.


I had a conversation with a friend about skating the other day and after talking about several skate-related things – why slip-on shoes are best, how to do a proper kickflip, boardsliding the armrests of wooden chairs – we were eventually led to the topic of stairs and handrails. He told me when he was younger, he entered a contest at a skatepark where there was a very big 3 block, and some kid who also entered the competition kickflipped it. My friend, his name is Ernest, said he couldn’t believe that this kid just went and kickflipped it, not imagining he himself would be able to do it in 100,000 years. The reason he probably doesn’t imagine ever being able to do it may be as simple as him just thinking about it too much.

And this brings me to my point: when skating, especially crazy things like 15 or 19 stairs and handrails, the way to do this is to not think about it, and I mean that quite literally, don’t you dare think about it. The moment you think about it is when all hell will break loose, you will start to think about all the possible outcomes, which will then lead to self-doubt: “What if I sack?” “What if I break something?” “What if this?” “What if that?” Hopefully you just noticed a trend, all of these things are “what-if scenarios,” meaning they could either happen or NOT happen, and the moment you begin to think about them is when the chance of them happening becomes even greater. So yes, absolutely 100% do not think about it. You have to just go for it before your brain actually starts to process and realize exactly what it is that you are doing, which is freaking jumping down stairs! Of course your sane mind wouldn’t want you to jump down a set of stairs on a plank of wood. I don’t know how to give you a proper answer to why people would want to throw themselves down a set of stairs, other than “It’s fun.” Not good enough, well, I’m sorry.


So yes, the trick is to simply not think about it, don’t think about the possible bad things that could go wrong, because it is just as likely that it could possibly go right, and when you don’t think about it, it almost always does.


3 thoughts on “Don’t think about it.

  1. I only skateboard very rarely, but I feel like this good advice for a lot of things. For instance, I couldn’t get up on a wakeboard for the longest time because I was thinking about it so hard and trying to apply everyone’s advice. Finally, I just relaxed and shut off my brain, and I popped right up and was fine. I’ve had no problems since.


  2. I stumble around on a skateboard every summer, and while my skills leave a lot to be desired, I can still appreciate what you’ve said: sometimes we just think too much. This advice has endless applications 🙂

    Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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