RANT: Nike


As you may very well know, Nike is making an attempt to win skateboarding, yes, actually WIN skateboarding. It may not be so noticeable to some, as it’s all very gradual, but don’t be fooled, them sponsoring guys/girls, helping out here and helping out there is just a front to monopolize the skateboarding shoe industry, to have people buy nothing but Nike. Nikes on every skateboarder, it will be a dystopia. I know they helped make the Santa Monica Courthouse skateable again, and that’s great but I’m certain that will be forgotten once the full takeover happens. They have Nikes on just about half of well-known skateboarders, every guy that you can think up from the top of your head has probably made a transition from whatever-shoe-sponsor to Nike. The takeover all started with Eric Koston, then Sean Malto on Nike. Trevor Colden on Nike.  Leticia Bufoni on Nike. Kevin Bradley on Nike. Luan Oliveira on Nike. Carlos Ribeiro on Nike. Bobby Worrest. Nyjah Huston on Nike. Everybody is getting on Nike! And not to mention that a lot of other guys are just getting flowed Nikes and aren’t even being paid by them, but they’re wearing them and have a huge following – *ahem* Nick Tucker, Ryan Gallant – thus upping Nikes sales out the wazoo – it has indeed reached a “wazoo” level state of emergency.

And also, the shoes are expensive! Why would they make them so unaffordable? It makes no sense. We are skateboarders, the great majority of us have no serious amounts of cash, definitely not $150 to spend on shoes that are going to be thrashed within the next three weeks. If you do happen to have that money lying around and are able to spend that on shoes to skate in, then you are one lucky human being, and also, sharing is caring. I’m sure the guys at Nike know that the pricing of their shoes is absurd, but they must not care, being that they haven’t made any changes. It’s definitely not like they have their shoes made over seas by little Indonesian kids where they get paid 10 cents a day, and the shoe itself is made for a measly $2.50.

koston 3.png

Pay attention, or else a couple of years down the road and BOOM!, Nike won skateboarding and you’ll be looking around dumbfounded, wondering how could you let such a thing happen. You’ll be thinking “I read that post that that guy wrote, but I didn’t listen, I didn’t freaking listen!” And you will be ashamed of yourself, you will find yourself knocking at my door (how you got my address, I have no idea) apologizing for having not listened to me when I said very clearly that Nike had a plan to take over skateboarding, but by that time it would have already been too late. We can all easily prevent this from happening, let’s not help Nike win skateboarding, support smaller brands that aren’t extremely rich and all over the globe.



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