Trent McClung and Diego Najera on Primitive

It’s about time these guys got a board sponsor, I was beginning to get a bit angsty. The video below is packed full of ridiculous skateboarding. These guys are skating like it’s no big deal, no wonder Paul Rodriguez put them on Primitive before anyone else could snatch them up. Trent was on Element skateboards for some time, but for reasons unknown to me, they parted ways. But as you can see, he is doing quite fine. Diego is skating those tables as if he were just popping up onto curbs, it took my brain some time to even register the goodness.

A few words: nollie hardflip crook; one word: wow.


2 thoughts on “Trent McClung and Diego Najera on Primitive

  1. I watched the video before I read your narrative, and I was particularly impressed when they skated across the tables….so high! And then, when I read, you mentioned how mind-blowing it was that they could do that. See, you are rubbing off on me 🙂 I’m getting a deeper appreciation for the different levels of skill, finesse, and daring. Excellence is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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