Skateboarding has brought a sense of clarity to my life that I wouldn’t have achieved otherwise. I have this outlook on life that allows me to be able to live it no holds barred. Things seem much clearer when I am on my skateboard, like I know in my heart that this is exactly what I want and should be doing and is want I intend on being around for the entirety of my existence; everything else in my life feels like extras that I don’t necessarily need and can easily live without and be completely fine (books and a notebook excluded). Ever since I found that skateboard at age 12, my life has been changed for the better, I can truly say that it has saved it.


I didn’t grow up in the best neighborhood and there were always not so good people hanging around, but I always knew what I wanted to do after school or on the weekends, so I never got myself included in mischief, luckily. I know a fair amount of people who have gotten themselves caught up in things, and either ended up in jail or they didn’t make it to this day unfortunately. I just know that no matter what happens to me in this life, I will always have skating – it will always be there, and for that very reason my life seems clear and unambiguous, and that makes me a very happy person.

I hope that you also find that thing that gives your life clarity.




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