Simplicity begets Creativity


This skatepark barely has anything here, so why do people  enjoy skating here so much? Much more than a skatepark with a lot going on, the skatepark that people who don’t skate would think that people would prefer. Less is More, this is true. There’s something about a simple skatepark with a couple ledges, a manny pad, a hip, and one or two rails that attracts a certain type of person – a simple person with a knack for creativity. It just works, it’s all some people need to have a good time. Having less brings out the creativity in you, if you can have fun with less obstacles, then you have found how to have fun skating no matter where you are. If you can work with less, and not complain, then you have truly found the Golden Ticket in skateboarding, being able to make it work anywhere you go.

As an analogy, a person who is a painter but has no money – let’s call him Tomas. Tomas has the itch to paint every moment of his life, he NEEDS to paint, he gets withdrawals going even 24 hours without creating something. Poor Tomas allows himself to be able to paint no matter what it takes, he makes it happen, because that is just the type of guy that he is. He grabs canvases out of alleyways, he finds whatever tool he can find as a instrument to paint on the canvas, whatever can be held – old remotes, the handles of screwdrivers, uneaten bananas, he may actually come across an actual brush when time permits such luck. Sometimes he has no canvas, when this happens, he paints on garbage cans (he figures it’s not vandalism, no one cares about garbage cans). He makes it happen no matter what, and this is the type of creativity that a nearly empty skatepark will bring out of you; if you have that itch, you will make it happen, no matter how. You will begin to ‘create.’



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