In Detail: Backside Smith Grind

To me, the Backside Smith Grind is one of the most photogenic looking tricks amongst the rest of them. There are plenty of different ways to make a backside smith look, and they have been done (more or less) differently with every person who has done one. Some are dipped to the max, while others aren’t too dipped; you can flip in or flip out, shove in, shove out; pop out early in the middle of a ledge; there’s just an overwhelming amount of possibilities. You can never go wrong with having a Back Smith in your bag of tricks.

Sean Malto gets one (Back Smith) around a mellow curve.

After learning this trick, it instantly became my favorite of them all. It’s one of those tricks that aren’t too hard once you get them, and yet the satisfaction of landing one is equivalent to the feeling of landing that very first one.

Brad Cromer with an odd one on a circular.
Ishod Wair taking the dip to new heights.






I have never actually seen a bad looking Backside Smith unless it wasn’t dipped, and by not dipped, I mean this right here:


You see how the front of the board isn’t lowered? Yeah, that’s NOT dipped, making it not a Back Smith, sorry bud, better luck next time.

For the guy above, and maybe as well as you, the one reading this, there is a “HOW TO” on Back Smiths – in case you want to learn them, or you need to freshen them up a bit – right below:





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