Rest in Peace Fallen Footwear


It is with a thankful & humble heart that I announce that Spring 2016 will be Fallen Footwear’s last season. I would like to thank the past and present Fallen Team, employees, distributors, and retailers. I’d also like to thank everyone that has ever bought a pair of our shoes or supported Fallen in any way over the past 13 years. The Fallen mission and goal has always been to work with skateshops and support skateboarding with everything we do. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly more difficult for skate shoe brands. Rather than waver from this mission, we are choosing to bow out. I encourage everyone to support authentic skate shoe brands as we wish them all the absolute best.

– Jamie Thomas

Yesterday it was announced that Fallen Footwear is no longer, very sad indeed. A lot of amazing people were on that team; Jamie Thomas, Tony Cervantes,  Jon Dickson, Tommy Sandoval, just to name a few; I surely hope they all find a shoe sponsor sooner than later. Fallen Footwear has been around for 13 years, and although I would not call them my favorite shoe brand, I was well aware that they were a core skate brand, for skaters, by skaters, and that it why it is so sad to see them go.

When I found out about this news, one of the first things I realized is that this is a direct result of huge corporations taking skateboarding away from the skater, in my RANT about NikeSB I mention this, and although it was supposed to have a bit of a joking aspect to it, it is actually quite a serious thing, Fallen going under being proof without a doubt. And honestly if people keep supporting the larger brands who are solely in it for the money, then we will be seeing much more of these occurrences; smaller brands don’t stand a chance unless we support them the same as we are supporting Nike and Adidas. We need to support more core skate brands, the ones that are in it for the love of skateboarding, not for the love of money.


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