SHORT RANT: Have fun!

I’ve spent too many days skating and coming across people with sad faces. People actually grimacing as if they are actually having the exact opposite of fun, and if this is the case, then why are you even doing it? Skateboarding is supposed to be fun, not a chore. We all began doing it because we saw something in it, something that would add a little meaning to our lives; we saw that fun that would never end. The moment that you stop having fun skating is the moment that you should stop and try to reevaluate why you began in the first place. I understand several reasons why it may be taken seriously: you want to learn a new trick and it’s stressing you out, you’re filming a trick that you’ve done a million times and it isn’t happening this time, or you’re just having a plain old bad day. I get it. These reasons are valid. But still, it doesn’t dismiss the fact that skateboarding is there for our enjoyment, it’s not something that should be done because we feel like we’re being forced to do it when we don’t want. No one is putting a gun to our heads (unless, someone actually is).

I beg of you, when you ride a skateboard, please have fun. If you aren’t, then you might as well just go home. Instead of “Go Hard or Go Home,” in this case it could be “Have Fun or Go Home.” Patent pending on the latter.

It’s as simple as that, don’t take it too serious, have some fun!



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