Grow Up, Loser

The other day I began to recall a conversation that I had with my roommate’s girlfriend. I’m not too sure why it manifested, but it did. This conversation was around the time when her and I first met, when I first moved to San Jose. We were talking about college-related things, not a rarity amongst college students. Skateboarding came up, because it almost always does, no matter who I’m talking to. It came up because we were discussing the topic of going to college because we don’t want to end up “nobody’s” and doing nothing with our life.

I told her “Yeah, I don’t want to just be skating when I’m 30.” And as the “0” exited my mouth, I could feel in my gut that what I said was an absolute, unadulterated lie. What it was that made me say this I am not sure; maybe it was me wanting to sound “cool” or me pretending that skateboarding isn’t what I base my life around. Maybe it was me downplaying my association with skateboarding for the sake of conversation.

But now that I have taken time to reflect on the conversation, I know for certain that I don’t believe that what I said was true – I take it back. I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to be “just skating” at 30. Who told me that I’m not supposed to? Is there a certain place that I’m supposed to be at 30? Who told us these lies? Because, they are lies you know. We’ve been fooled, bamboozled, swindled, into believing that we are supposed to be in certain places at certain times in our lives – that life has this linear flow, and at some point, we’re supposed to put the childish things aside – and in this case, you could easily guess what that is.

Wes Kremer, refusing to put childish things aside. Front Feeble. Photo: Mike Blabac

But see, the thing is, I love skateboarding. Just as much as that hyper-materialistic guy loves things that support his image of high-class. Living in the HollyWood Hills, with the 29 bedroom/24 bathroom home, with gold tiling on every one of his 5 stories of flooring, with diamond encrusted sinks and toilets, and two brand new Rolls Royce’s just because he wants to. Unlike this guy, I could do without all those things, and I don’t aspire to be like that, I would be perfectly happy if I were just skateboarding at 30, I don’t care about much else.

So fast forward, now you’re 30 years old, skating, you’re having the “time of your life”; unlike other people your age, you’re enjoying the days that you wake up, because you have something to look forward to. It doesn’t matter that people are saying that you aren’t behaving as an adult should, don’t listen to them because they ate up the lie. This is it, this is what you enjoy doing with your time, and no one can tell you otherwise, because contrary to popular belief, nobody else knows much of what they’re doing anyway.



2 thoughts on “Grow Up, Loser

  1. I! Love! This! Sooooooo true….we can be whatever, and do whatever, for as long as we like…and, if we are blessed, we’ll stay young beyond our oldest age…that is a life well-lived. You are fantastic 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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