Time Capsule: “Baker 3”- Bryan Herman

With the vast amount of skate content coming out on a day to day basis, many great skate videos are sadly forgotten, but this does not mean that they are lost. This section is dedicated to showcasing those old gems that have been covered up in the rough.

This is the Time Capsule.

Bryan Herman is one of those rare people who’s style could never possibly get old. Accompanied by David Bowie’s ‘The Width of a Circle’ (RIP), this became a part easily lodged in the minds of the youth of its days, and will never be forgotten; even by those who no longer skate. They may see a set of stairs and their mind may effortlessly revert back to that very first clip of his part. And might I add, EPIC first clip.

Even in his sixties I will still be expecting those textbook hardflips – too old, you say? Turns out 60 is the new 27.





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