The Day I (or You) Die

Death is not something that the average person talks about on a day-to-day. It isn’t a topic that comes up during small talk, and unless you have a very close friend in which you engage on these much deeper conversations, then death is probably something that you haven’t once talked about ever, to anyone. “Hey, death, right? Isn’t it funny?” isn’t something you would hear from a stranger, and probably not even a close relative. But in retrospect, why would it be? It’s amazing that this is the one thing that we all have in common, every single one of us, it goes beyond all differences (age, ethnicity, gender, et cetera), so you would think, if anything, it would make us all closer – this inevitable commonality – being that we only have a finite amount of time on this great rock we call Earth. Unfortunately, this isn’t the current case.

People pretend and live life as if there isn’t this imminent end. They go around day after day as if they shouldn’t be enjoying every minute, every second of everyday, because, you know, they don’t think about the fact that they aren’t going to live forever.

I recently watched a Weekend Buzz episode with Jeff Grosso and John Lucero just the other day, and Jeff says “The day I can no longer skateboard is the day that I die.” Not a literal death, a death of the physical body, but a more figurative death, a death of the spirit. He wasn’t even meaning skating ramps and ledges and such, but even the simple act of being able to cruise to the store to get some ice cream, not being to do even that would feel like the end of the world. And it may sound a little melodramatic to those who don’t understand what it actually feels like to love something so much to the point where it feels like that it itself is your reason for living, and if you don’t have that then well, what’s the point?

Jeff Grosso is still grinding, and still living.

And sometimes I get scared, because I understand exactly what he means. And I always enjoy the days that I do skate, but sometimes I wonder, what if I get a job that takes up all of my time? what if I start a family? what if my life five years from now makes skating hard to do? The thought of my future self not being able to skate frightens me a little. It becomes so ingrained in your being that you can’t even imagine a world in which you let it go. That world couldn’t possibly exist.

I find myself often wondering how people who don’t have any sort of passion even go along day after day with nothing keeping them grounded. I would surely float away if I hadn’t found the anchor that is my skateboard. Finding those things that keep you pushing through life -no pun intended- is essential to keep on living it.



7 thoughts on “The Day I (or You) Die

  1. It’s weird, how unbelievably so that I relate to this and I’m sure many other skaters will. The infinite possibility of tricks, bonding with strangers and sharing love keeps me coming back to this sport that punishes the body and brings purification to the mind, until i’m trying to sleep and thinking about more and more and more tricks, how I can afford new setup. So on and so forth.

    My body can crumble but i’ll do anything I can to keep on a board till in all honesty I die. Cliche, but im lucky to say I found One thing in life that really keeps me alive.

    Great post, loadsa love bro.

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    1. Yes , I know what you mean about sleeping and still thinking about more tricks, it’s just a part of who we are, and I absolutely love it. Aside from the damage to your body, there’s so much more that comes with it that makes it all worth while.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I appreciate it more than you know.
      And also, keep up the skateboarding, one love.

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  2. As always, you impress me with your depth and passion, sensitivity and mindfulness….what a wonderful mind and soul you have….and, my wish for you (and each of us) is that, with the changing times, we discover passions to pursue and embrace….you are multi-gifted–so, if one runs its course (for whatever reason…i.e. the laws of ageing), others will reveal themselves 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Your comments never fail to make my day. I appreciate the frequent, thoughtful comments that you share, I genuinely enjoy your comments more than you know, they keep me going.
      And also, thanks for calling me “multi-gifted,” to me, that’s a pretty high compliment.
      Although I haven’t lived a large amount of life, I do believe that other passions reveal themselves as time goes. May we live life and embrace new passions as they come our way. Thank You 🙂

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