Sponsor Me, Bro


It sounds quite amazing, doesn’t it? You get free gear to wear simply because you are skating in whatever the company is giving you. Who would turn down this opportunity? No longer having to pay for boards, or shoes, or wheels, or trucks, and everything else that “normal” people pay for. I don’t know anybody who would, it’s all free and all you have to do is keep skating. It feels kind of a weird concept: getting all this free stuff because I am good at skating, it may feel like there is a catch. There probably isn’t, but I am fully aware of my skepticism about almost everything that seems just too good to be true, and too one-sided as if it is only benefitting one person, because most people – especially company owners – do not make moves without also gaining something in return. And that is it, it isn’t just one-sided, benefiting just one person, it is benefiting the one that is sponsored and the company that is sponsoring; it is a transaction, “you make my product look good and you get it for free.” This is much like things outside of skateboarding as well, like most famous people who become spokespersons for company’s products, saying things like, “I use this product so it must be good, buy it!” (even though the chances of them using it outside of the commercial are slim to none). But in skating, it is less verbalized and more so promoted by watching the skating, “I am skating in this product and look how good I am, so it must be good, buy it!” It’s a spokesperson without actually having to speak, a “skate model” for the product. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting sponsored, I am not bashing it. Sponsoring people and giving them the opportunity to skate as much as they want is amazing, I wouldn’t imagine that anything could beat that – not even a Lamborghini.

These days, you find kids starting skating because of the possibility of getting sponsored, which is just terrible. They don’t start it because of any type of love for it, they start it because of what it could give them, as if because they become good at it, people are supposed to give them things, and companies are supposed to sponsor them. They began to treat skating as if it owes them. Beginning anything with this mindset couldn’t possibly have a promising end.

Being a sponsored skateboarder is what a lot of kids aspire to be, I just hope they don’t find themselves doing it solely for that reason.



4 thoughts on “Sponsor Me, Bro

  1. So true. It’s sad when people do something for what it could give them. Skating for the love of it sounds so much better than skating for what it can give you, and I think this holds true for other fields as well. Nice post! 🙂

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