That one guy.

You know that one guy that skates and everything he does just looks like magic?

And I mean everything.

Something as simple as a push can get you hyped, and get the entire crew pumped to skate. He’s doing simple tricks, but it’s not necessarily about what he’s doing, it’s about how he’s doing them. This matters far more than you may think, people with this “magic” are far more pleasurable to watch (do anything) than someone doing a heelflip down a 17, or whatever else that falls under the “gnarly” umbrella.

Think Gino Ianucci.

Gino Ianucci, riding a skateboard better than most people live their lives.

This guy doesn’t even have to do much – no huge sets, no crazy rails – he gives you the impression that for the most part, he just likes to cruise. He just seems to have that something special – he has it – and no one can quite put their finger (or griptape thumb) on it. It escapes them, it escapes me. I can’t figure it out, and I won’t deny that I am a bit jealous of these types of guys. He doesn’t try, and yet he kills it just by skating the way that he does.

He comes to the skatepark, and your mind that is so fond of prejudging tells you that this guy doesn’t actually skate, he just likes to ride around. Because it doesn’t look like he’s taking it serious, and granted, he doesn’t. He isn’t so hard on himself about skating like most people are, stressing about getting a trick – treating it as if it were life or death – but him, no way, he just goes with the flow, he either lands the trick or he doesn’t, it’s really no big deal.

These are the guys who can wake up at 7am, brush their teeth (or not), get no change of clothes, get some coffee, go to the spot (with his pajamas on), and still get the trick with no hesitation. No warming up, no stretching, he just has it, it’s in him, he was conceived for this.

It’s not always about who can do the gnarliest tricks (it never has been), or the most technical wizardry you’ve ever seen. Sometimes a simple push is just enough.



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