It’s all relative, baby.

You know the amazing thing about skateboarding?

It’s so diverse and open to new possibilities. There are virtually no barriers that will prohibit you from doing what you want (except maybe cops, but that’s beside the point), there is endless room to be original, even in this period where there are so many people doing it. I mean, there’s so many different ways to ride a skateboard. You can grind ledges, balance on two wheels, jump off of stairs, skate “freestyle,” the possibilities are quite endless, which can overwhelm some and send them into a frenzy of excitement. The great thing about skating is, when it comes down to it, you can do whatever you want.

Rodney Mullen, always doing exactly what he wants


In 2016, sure, a few a**holes may laugh and point if you skate like Rodney Mullen did, but who cares? The whole reason you got into this is because you couldn’t find anything else that made you feel the way that skating does. And you didn’t start skating just so a couple of people who you thought were supposed to be “one of your kind” could laugh and stare. They must’ve forgot what skating is, bad on them.

Skateboarding is like a big party bowl of chips, but rather than people taking chips out, they’re putting their own kind of chips in the bowl and making it all the more interesting. That’s why skateboarding, to this very day, is still as exciting as it was when I first started, because it doesn’t dull out. Almost every day there is something new to see, something new being done, it gets more interesting by the day.

Danny Nguyen, adding to the bowl with this tough nose manny.

There aren’t very many other things that can really compare to the level of creativity that skateboarding can offer you. Team sports have their fixed rules, it’s fixed goal, for the most part, it just “score the ball” on the other side. That’s it. No room for creativity, no room to do much else. It’s really only that. But skateboarding has no rules, it has no fixed goal, you just do it, you can’t necessarily win it. You can get as good as the next big Pro and still fall time after time, and mess up on kickflips, because it’s something that you can’t master, and that is what makes doing it so satisfying.

It’s up to you to skate how you want to skate, don’t forget the chips.


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