Do you feel it?

The shift, I mean..

The shift that skateboarding has been making for the past few years.

It’s not very hard to feel, especially as of late.

I mean, Marc Johnson and Daewon Song left their long time shoes sponsors recently – Marc from Lakai, and Daewon from DVS – and are now on Adidas. A day that I’d never thought I’d see. “But c’mon man, grown men have bills to pay, kids to feed, cars to buy!” It would be in bad taste to call the two “sell-outs,” they devoted a great amount of years to their former sponsors, and they both went through changes while remaining with the company; changes of ownership, and new people coming in, and long time companions going it. And it also makes sense because, well, you have to make a living somehow. It’s not so much the individual choices, but the situation as a whole that frightens me. It’s not just Marc and Daewon who are making the switch to larger, more corporate sponsors, but it is a whole slew of people, and it couldn’t possibly end well. It doesn’t sound too off base to say that things like this will happening more frequently, and it shouldn’t be too hard to guess where guys will be going.

Chris Joslin knows where he’s going.. Hardflip. Photo: Cameron Strand


Companies are dying out, and the larger companies (since they have the capital) are taking skateboarders from smaller companies left and right, trying to become the number uno in the skateboarding community. Have you seen the Nike SB team roster lately? It’s insane. And I get it, they have fairly good skateboarding shoes, and they are able to give team riders a very decent amount to  live comfortably on. But where does it end? I’m guessing when they finally monopolize the skateboarding industry (nike sb skateboards, anyone?).

Change is inevitable, I understand, and admittedly, like a good bunch of humans, I’m not extremely fond of huge change. Companies fail, others flourish. And to try to keep the industry from changing is futile to say the least. But if I said that I believed that things are going in a great direction, I’d surely be lying to myself.



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