Stagnation is possibly the worst thing that could occur in life. I don’t mean to exaggerate.

No matter your temperament, you should always make an effort at moving around a little bit – it’s good for you – explore a new city, state, country, or even continent. With exploration, you provoke growth – not only with skating, but also growth as a human being. You learn that your place of birth is not the only place that their is, that there is more out there than just “your city.” There is an entire world out there, and you would be a fool to not go out there and see it.

In the past year, I’ve made a 500 mile move, and although that isn’t too far, it is safe to say that I feel a difference. I’ve become a little more independent, and I’ve grown – mentally – as well. Moving also does skating some good. As you learn to skate in a different environment, you may also learn new tricks, learn how to skate a different terrain – not to mention you meet a lot of new people, which is always amazing. Staying in the same place – skating wise – has the potential to keep you dormant, as you may become far too comfortable in your area and you will become content with not learning anything knew and just sitting around because you may feel like you’ve already done everything you needed to do – a poisonous mindset. Which sounds like nonsense as I type it, but trust me, it’s a real thing.

Jerry Hsu made a move, and so can you!

If you ever get to that point, run, don’t think about it, just run, go, what are you waiting for?!

You’re probably wondering how can I even say anything when I’ve barely even made a move. Well, move is far better than no move at all. More than half of the U.S. population never move from the city in which they were born (according to the U.S. Census Bureau). Staying in the same place can demotivate you, and suck all of your life-force away, leaving you an empty, energy-deprived carcass with nothing to prove.

We’ve all been there before, complacent with exactly where we are in life, waiting for something to happen, as if something could without our having anything to do with it, like action is totally independent of us – it isn’t. You have to take action, that is the only way you can suspect anything to happen.

Get on your board and go, I’ll meet you there.



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