Tunnel Vision

It almost always starts at a young age. You saw that guy skating down the street and wonder what it must feel like, or you caught sight of a video of someone doing something cool on a board, or you caught a glimpse in your periphery of a skateboard leaning on the side of a dumpster and wondered why this piece of wood was trashed. One man’s trash is another man’s – kid’s – treasure.

When you first started skating it took over your entire life, you ate, drank, and slept skateboarding. You ditched school to go skateboarding. You put off familial duties (dish washing, room cleaning, going to church) to go skateboarding. At family outings you would reek of impatience because rather than spending time with family, you’d much rather be skating. Nothing else mattered. That’s all there was, and you believed that that was all there ever would be. You literally saw nothing else but this magic in the physical form of shaped wood, some metal, and a quad set of wheels. Contrarily, this “magic” also gave you something else not so magical, it gave you tunnel vision.

Thanks to tunnel vision, Trent McClung sees nothing else but this gargantuan kickflip. Photo: Davy Van Laere

As the years go by, and you began to grow a little, become a little more of your actual self –  not just an extension of your parent’s beliefs and ideals – you began to see that there are, in fact, other things that exist outside of the skateboarding realm. There are an overwhelming amount of things that you can do with your life (getting a trade, reading a book, canoeing, actually walking), but being young and getting addicted to the drug (i.e. skateboarding) you become virtually ignorant of all other things that lay beyond it.

And it can be both a blessing and a curse (I was told by a friend the other day the two can’t coexist, but I don’t buy it). Admittedly, I had a tougher time than I thought I would thinking up things that I found even remotely interesting besides skateboarding, tunnel vision still affects me to this day. Because even now, besides a couple things, I don’t do much else besides ride my skateboard. My life has been greatly affected because of it, and I am forever gracious.

Or maybe it isn’t tunnel vision, maybe I just found something that I don’t believe much else can beat.


6 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you….reading this has been a gift…you may have tunnel vision where skateboarding is concerned if you do not realize that you also have an immense writing talent….such an appealing way of expressing yourself and your passion and your heart and soul 🙂 On several levels, this was awesome 🙂

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    1. Aha, I guess that writing is a talent that I haven’t fully realized yet, writing is one of those things that you don’t know if you’re good at unless someone tells you so, and I believe your opinion has a lot of weight, so Thank You!
      Your comments are ALWAYS appreciated, more than you may know. They are always looked forward to.
      On several levels, you are awesome 🙂
      And also, I hope that you are well.

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  2. I’ve been AWOL for a couple weeks,,,then, looked for you today….just want you to know that I’m thinking of you, and that you matter in my world (and, of course. the world at large). Wishing you wonderful things and loads of great skateboarding opportunities, my friend 🙂

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