“Oh, you’re a skater?”

“I ride a skateboard, yes” would usually be my answer to such a question.

I have a problem with labels.

It seems to me as though once a person labels you – is able to place you into one of their mental categories – that is all that you are, all that you will remain to be. Not even so much a human anymore, you just become that thing.

Even though I skate, I’ve never liked being called a “skater”. It feels weird when I say it in my head. It sounds corny. Whenever I hear that word, I can’t help but think of Avril Lavigne (He was a skater boy, she said “see ya later boi.”) and it makes me cringe.

Not sure what my problem is. Maybe it’s just me – hopefully not – the fact that I’d rather not be labeled, and just be a human being, although I do do things. Even I find it a little bizarre.

I don’t want to be a skater, or a writer, or a blogger. I’d rather just be a person who happens to do these things.


2 thoughts on “I AM NOT A SKATER

  1. I looked for you about an hour ago (visited your blog), so, I am delighted to “see” you….and, yes, I share your outlook as relates to labels…they are so reductive…mental shortcuts that lose so much of what is found between the lines…you are special in ways–and on levels–that cannot be captured by sound-bites…thank you for sharing your wise and sensitive perspective….thanks for being so awesome….you make the world so much more interesting and colourful šŸ™‚

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    1. I’m glad that you share the same sentiment as I. It would be such a shame if we all decided to limit ourselves to mere words. Thank You – for your always so amazing comments and just simply for being you. I am forever appreciative.

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