Some Pain, No Gain

Woke up one morning to sore thighs and a throbbing big toe. I know the cause of these pains, and yet, I continue to do it – over and over again. Falling, hurting myself, scrapping my knees and elbows, twisting my ankles, bruising my palms and shins, hyperextending my wrists. You’d think a person would learn when to put a stop to the madness, but there’s a little voice within that pink cloud that we call a brain that whispers “keep doing it, it’ll all be worth it in the end.” Sometimes it feels like a lie. How could all this be worth it? Day in, day out, hurting myself to do this shit? Some listen – they continue on with their groin pulls and their sore calves – and others don’t. The ones who do will reap the rewards of persistence.

But don’t think that that voice doesn’t at times become very doubtful. You think “geez, if this is how I feel right now, imagine how it’ll be in 10+ years.” It’s true, the aches and pains will more than likely only get worse, but what else are you going to do, stop? A minor ache in the knees shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love, if it does, you don’t deserve to be doing it. The aches and pains are just a result of trying – and trying, and trying – trading time in hopes of finally landing that trick.

Some days you may get the trick, and others days you may try for hours and hours, and never get it; some pain, no gain. Not every day is a winner.

Jerry Hsu, risking pain in hopes of gain. Switch Blunt.

But when you land that trick – whether it be a kickflip that you do everyday without a sweat being broken, or a trick that you’ve been trying for days (weeks, or even months) – is when you realize why you keep doing this to yourself, why you go out there, knowing there is a high chance that you will indeed get hurt, knowing that it is a much safer route somewhere out there; you could really just stay home, sit back and relax, maybe watch a movie. But there’s no satisfaction in that, there’s no risk involved. Progress can’t happen if you don’t take a risk every now and again.

Admittedly, it’s scary, very scary in fact, taking that risk – trying that new trick, but it’ll be worth it, trust me, I’ve been there too.

So I’m going to end this right here. I’m going skating, I think the aches and pains are worth it.


12 thoughts on “Some Pain, No Gain

  1. I’m so glad I checked and discovered that i had missed a post…I need to be more on top of things…anyway, I love this post…and, I’m sure it’s not lost on you that, what you mean in a literal context is also a metaphor for any calling…any passion..
    There is no avoiding risk, and discomfort…and fear…dues must be paid…
    And, each time it gets to be “too hard” we must vow to “toughen up” or risk losing that which brings us such a feeling of being alive. You continue to inspire and impress…keep on keepin’ on, my friend 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, this definitely goes for everything that people engage themselves in. You must face risk and discomfort if you want progression, it’s truly the only way.
      We must “toughen up.”
      You’re always appreciated, Thank You very much 🙂

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  2. “Admittedly, it’s scary, very scary in fact, taking that risk – trying that new trick, but it’ll be worth it, trust me, I’ve been there too.”

    Great line — the key is to not let the fear control you, and that’s one of those things that is easier said than done! Great post, as always 🙂

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  3. Most things look very easy and fun but you will only realise the truth when you experience it. I bet you even celebrities like Justin Bieber will find it very difficult to go to photoshoots to try new things when it is a very difficult. moment in their life.

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