the skateboarder’s image

As a result of the average person’s naïveté and gullibility, skateboarders worldwide have been branded with the image of misfits and good-for-nothings, doomed forever to live a life of unemployment and poor quality food. I am not entirely sure when this occurred, but I have a theory in regards to ‘why’ (less a theory, and more so a fact): when things are outside of the “norm,” it makes people uneasy, and as a result they want to get rid of it; you may not know, but often times when people do not understand things, they would much rather just kill it out of fear.

I do believe that this image has been slowly, but surely, fading away. Well, with the many skateboarders around the world who don’t hold the image that they are anti-society and out to fight the powers that be that image that skateboarders initially had seems to be dwindling away. Many of these guys hold “regular” jobs as well, not just “professionals,” but also people that I know, that are very good at skating, and are professional in the eyes of me. In fact, if it weren’t for them telling people, some wouldn’t have known that they rode a skateboard either way.

If he were a model for H&M, you wouldn’t have known he had front tails of this caliber. Dylan Rieder. Photo: Sam Muller

A brief digression..

(Many guys even went so far as to get college degrees, something not at all associated with skateboarding – many professionals have dropped out well before beginning tenth grade. Guys like John Rattray who obtained his Physics degree from the University of Glasgow, and Walker Ryan, who attained a degree in Sociology from the University of San Diego. Mark Suciu is currently studying English at Temple University in Philadelphia. Those are just to name a few, there are many more.)

(That doesn’t really say much. But one thing that it does is that the image that skateboarder’s once had, or still have, is a falsity. And not everyone who rides a skateboard is a “low-life.”)

Often things that are deemed different, or unorthodox, by society are usually shunned and labeled useless and futile, and all those who associate themselves with said thing is of no contribution to society. And to say that it is of “no contribution” is akin to saying that if it doesn’t make you money, then you probably shouldn’t waste your time doing it. That’s a very poor way of thinking, not making money doing something does not make it a waste, nor does it mean that you’re not contributing.

Next time you’re skating and someone labels you a rebel, say “Hey man, no harm done, I’m just riding my skateboard.”



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