on contest, and introversion

It may be as a result of my fairly quiet disposition, but I could never quite get into skating contests.

I suppose I’m just not into it, not every one has to like everything, right? But the idea of competing in skateboarding makes me a bit uneasy. Not because I am against it, but because large crowds make me nervous. All it took was a first-hand look at how skate contest are – the large crowds, being stared down, people murmuring (and the possibility that it’s about you) the chaos – and I knew that the scene was not for me.

(There is one contest that completely annihilates all my thoughts about contest though, and it is Dime’s Glory Challenge. It seems to have no structure, and the events within the contest are like none I’ve ever seen. Gangster challenge? That’s hilarious.)

But then again, I not only have a tough time skating in front of spectators, but I find it hard to do anything when there is a whole mess of people staring at me. I get nervous, and I become self-conscious; it feels something similar to a stimulation overload.

Now that we’re on the subject..

One fascinating realization I’ve had is this: if it weren’t for skating, I would have more than likely turned out to be a home-body. Skateboarding has caused me to look far less introverted than I actually am. And this comes with its own set of pros and cons: I am out of the house quite often (not all may see that as a pro, but I do), I come across a lot of awesome people almost every time I go out and skate, but sometimes I find myself within large crowds, and that’s when things get tricky, being in large crowds for an extended period of time can be quite exhausting and draining. So it seems as though my interest has put me in a strange position, something not unlike those “win-lose” scenarios; I have plenty of fun skating, but the end of the day can leave me feeling catatonically drained.

In regards to how skating itself can have an affect on the introvert, skating is not too different from drinking: alcohol is like liquid extroversion for the introverted, and skateboarding is an activity that has the potential to bring out the gregariousness within the introvert – because you know, once you get an introvert started on a subject that they actually like, then it becomes a two-sided conversation.

Seems that I have found my liquid extroversion.


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