The A-Skate Foundation


The A.Skate Foundation is not a school, but it’s almost a guarantee that those who participate will be learning a thing or two.

A.Skate is an organization that provides one-on-one skateboarding lessons to those who have been diagnosed with autism. The environment in which the kids are taught are appropriate to their sensory needs, making it much easier for them to learn. It may be a lot tougher for those with autism to function in the world, skateboarding is a way to bridge that gap, make the process of having to live life as a human with autism far less rough than it would have been otherwise.

I’m not autistic, nor do I know anyone who is, but if there is one thing that can make life simpler and bring people together, skateboarding sure is one of of them. With it having no formal rules, no directions to follow, and being that you can virtually do it all on your own – may be needing a little assistance initially – skateboarding sounds like the perfect activity for those who are diagnosed with autism. And even better, they provide the service free of charge, how awesome is that?

Skateboarding is a great, albeit unconventional way to get those with autism in tune with their motor skills in a safe environment around people who all share the love for the same thing: skateboarding.

A.Skate holds events in various locations around the United States: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, California, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, as well as outside: Ireland, Australia, and France.

If you would like to find out more about A Skate, you can click here. They also take donations and volunteers if you find that you may be interested.


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