early ’90s appreciation, and the cyclical trend


kost6chromeSooo.. There’s an interview over at The Chrome Ball Incident with Eric Koston. It is a great and personal read about Eric Koston: all the way from his H-Street days to his current project, Numbers. If you care at all you should go check it out.

The interview itself isn’t the point of this though, it’s this picture.. while reading the interview this picture really caught my eye. And while it is sometimes difficult to articulate what exactly it is that you may like about a particular picture – say a Salvador Dali or Picasso painting, in all its abstraction and expressionism – this picture, for me, isn’t all that hard for me explain why I found it intriguing.

This picture was taken back in the early ’90s (before I was even a thought of, somewhere in the ether), back when Eric Koston rode for 101. He did this ollie for 100 bucks – apparently Steve Rocco (owner of 101 Skateboards) was known for handing out large bills for tricks. I’d say it was easy money, at least for him.

This picture caught my eye because of their sense of fashion in that era – the shoes and clothing, and even the size of those wheels! What’re those? 45s? Maybe it isn’t all that big of a deal, but this picture says a whole lot about the origins of skateboarding fashion, and is maybe even visual proof of how history does indeed repeat itself. If you look at skaters at the moment you will see that there is a very close resemblance to skater’s fashion choices in the ’90s – have you seen John Shanahan? Or even if you take a look at a few Instagram posts from skaters, you’re bound to come across at least one kid who is dressed retro. This skateboarding fashion stuff is all cyclical.

And I love it.


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