ceaseless amazement

I’m amazed that I’m still amazed about the concept of skateboarding – thinking about it down to its barest function, it baffles me that it is even possible, and yet, somehow, I do it. How can I possibly be doing something that I barely have a full understanding of? I don’t know, and it’s something … More ceaseless amazement

Time Capsule: “WTF is a Bachinsky?” – Jimmy Cao

With the vast amount of skate content coming out on a day to day basis, many great skate videos are sadly forgotten, but this does not mean that they are lost. This section is dedicated to showcasing those old gems that have been covered up in the rough. This is the Time Capsule. City skateboards … More Time Capsule: “WTF is a Bachinsky?” – Jimmy Cao

Some Pain, No Gain

Woke up one morning to sore thighs and a throbbing big toe. I know the cause of these pains, and yet, I continue to do it – over and over again. Falling, hurting myself, scrapping my knees and elbows, twisting my ankles, bruising my palms and shins, hyperextending my wrists. You’d think a person would … More Some Pain, No Gain


“Oh, you’re a skater?” “I ride a skateboard, yes” would usually be my answer to such a question. I have a problem with labels. It seems to me as though once a person labels you – is able to place you into one of their mental categories – that is all that you are, all … More I AM NOT A SKATER